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So I finally have a job. It's at a Burger King. I had the interview just now and I have orientation on Monday. I'm gonna have to go shopping for black jeans and black non-slip shoes.

On one hand I'm excited about working but on the other hand, I'm kinda frightened by the fast pace of such a job. We shall see how it goes.

As [ profile] prinsage said, money spends the same and I could sure use some. I'm starting at $6/hour and the job is actually in Michigan, so I don't have to worry about taxes and stuff.

I'm gonna call Target today about my app and drop off an application at Sunoco too. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


Oct. 20th, 2004 09:37 pm
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So my dad dropped the bombshell that he's been trying to get us to Hawaii for the past two years. He's been trying to use frequent flyer miles but all the available tickets are snapped up by people really early. The backup plan is to go to the Bahamas. While this makes me kinda excited, I was hoping to visit [ profile] prinsage in New York this January. I suppose I could go to the Bahamas and then go to New York. I guess it's a good thing I don't have a job now, 'cause getting all the time off might be a problem. We'll see how it goes.
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So I still have no job. Tomorrow I'm gonna get an application from Fazoli's and Mancino's. Turns out that my best friend's aunt is the manager at Mancino's. Maybe that'll help a little. My last choice is a McDonald's or Wendy's but like prinsage said, money is money. And I could use some.

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So it's been quite a while since I last posted. Still no luck on the job front. I've applied to more places but no nibbles. I'm a bit depressed about that.

This past weekend I went with the family to a wedding in St. Louis. We drove. I repeat, we drove. It was about 9 hours each way. That was loads of fun. The wedding was pretty but the reception sucked. The food at the reception was kinda gross and they took it away pretty quickly. The cake wasn't even that good. Then the DJ was some 80 year old Italian man who played "New York New York" twice. He played like 3 good dancing songs. Plus, the party ended at 11pm. That's really early.

We (including some aunts and uncles) went back to our hotel. There was a 40 year high school reunion going on. My relatives like to drink and the bars were closed so they stole some name tags and crashed the reunion. I guess the bar in there was a pay bar so it wasn't a big deal, but it was hilarious. 

I guess my uncle Mark was questioned by three guys. He went in there with my aunt Vicki cause she wanted to dance. Here's the conversation that happened:
Three Guys: what position did you play in football?
Uncle Mark: tackle
Three Guys: wrong! center! How'd you lose 200 lbs?
Uncle Mark: low carb diet
Three Guys: *turn to my aunt* You look the same

They couldn't do anything since everyone paid for their drinks. The funniest thing is that my uptight dad went in there to get a drink. I guess a woman asked him if he went to that high school and he said that his wife did.

Everyone except my dad have head colds. It's fun having a sore throat and not being able to breathe out of your nose. Hopefully I feel better since I have an exam next week.


Sep. 17th, 2004 01:03 pm
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So today I had my first rejection in my job process. I'm more peeved cause I went through the whole damn process only to get rejected in the end. And they couldn't give me a reason why.

I basically went for a job at a local video store. You had to interview with the store manager, take a clerical test and then interview with the district manager. Two people were hired and the district manager just said yay or nay. No other place that I submitted an application for has given me a call back. Ugh. I plan on dropping another one off at Office Max tonight. I really would like to know if I did something wrong at the interview that I wasn't aware of.

Anybody have any suggestions as to where to look for a job? I really am trying to stay out of the food industry. That's my only caveat.

spiffy meme

Sep. 4th, 2004 03:16 pm
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If your life was a sci-fi TV show... by guybrush
Series Name:
Core sci-fi trope:
Your nerdy but brilliant scientist:prinsage
Your robot/half-alien/etc. trying to become human:sunhawk16
Your sexy but brilliant scientist:thebratqueen
Version of you from a parallel universe:annasbeta
Your brooding but brilliant scientist:folle333
Your hot-headed military/action type:viridian5
Number of seasons before cancellation:2
Your show is cancelled because:the cast had a fun time, but wanted to move on before becoming typecast in the genre.
The chance of your show becoming a cult hit is:: 12%
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I got a kick out of it. The local video store is hiring. I applied there like 4 years ago though. I'm stumped by the "activities, hobbies, professional associations.." and "personal & career goals" sections. Anybody have any suggestions for what I should write there?

blah blah

Sep. 3rd, 2004 01:49 pm
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So still jobless. I will admit that I haven't hunted that strenously. I've applied to Best Buy and Target so far. I think I will call Best Buy this upcoming week to see how it's going. I'm still carless so I don't know how it will work out.

Oh, if anyone needs a Gmail invitation, please let me know. I have like 12 invitations total. I even sent myself one so I could make another account. Hell, even if you want a second account, just let me know. Gmail is google e-mail and you get 1 GB of space. It's quite nice.


Aug. 27th, 2004 11:52 pm
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So I'm back at the parents and everything is all set up. I have wireless on my comp and cable in my room. Woo hoo!! I'm working on finding a job, starting tomorrow. I'm also taking a class at the local community college, Human Anatomy and Physiology. It involves highway driving. That was kinda scary. I was doing 60/65 and people were passing me. Little old lady driving. Here's my LJ party thing. I was highly amused by the answers.

LJ House Party by fayray
The DJwolfling
The Drunktrixie_chick
The Hottiegarnus
The Wallflowerevil_hufflepuff
The Playercleolinda
The Gamblerprinsage
The Horny Onearionrhod
The Crasherannasbeta
The Love Interestthehair
How many people got laid88
Chances the party will be a sucess: 56%
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By this time next week I'll be at my parents' place. For a good long while. I may have been done academically since December but I wanted to hold on to my college life for another 8 months. It's the freedom. Pretty much all my media has been packed up and I've already take quite a bit of trash out. I still have a lot of packing, cleaning and trashing to do. I'm most stressed about the cleaning since I have to clean the whole damn apartment. My roommate left a bunch of her stuff behind that I need to throw out too.

I got my iPod battery Friday. It is now in my iPod. It took a while to get the case open, but it wasn't that hard. I was worried about it for a while, but I used it for 3 hours straight on Saturday and it didn't lose a bar of power.

I'm kinda pissed. I went to do laundry today and my key would not open the laundry room door. It worked last week. My key fit, but it wouldn't turn. The lease doesn't end for another week, so there's no reason to change locks on anything quite yet. I'm worried cause the laundry room key also opens the outside door. I haven't tried it on the outside door, but I will definitely call the realty company tomorrow about the laundry room. I need clean underwear!!

Apparently I have furniture in my room at my parents' now. The only furniture in my room before was a bed and a bookcase. Now I have a desk, shelves and a storage cubicle. My mom is leaving my bookcase in there, which is the only snag. It's full so I can't put any more books on there and it has a broken shelf which won't hold anything. I might take books off of it and place those in storage in my closet and put my more favorite books on the bookshelf. My mom is trying to go with a theme for the room, which is annoying since it's my personal space. We'll see how it goes.

I did get my wireless router and card Thursday and they work perfectly. I will have internet on my personal computer this next year. w00t
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So more news about what was in my previous post. Apparently MGM sent a letter to UM saying someone had downloaded "Dead Like Me" on station 502. That's the station I sit at and that was me. It was a cease and desist letter and apparently it caused a huge uproar. They looked through the logs of a bunch of computers and found that it wasn't only me.

Apparently the head, head guy wanted me and a coworker fired. Joy. He was also apparently pissed that people were watching movies at work, which so far has been cool during the summer. I don't even watch that much. Plus, I don't see how watching something that's 45 minutes long in an 8 hour shift is that bad.

It was stupid of me to do this at work, but I was just taking advantage of the faster speed. I didn't know that downloading tv shows that weren't out on DVD was illegal but now I know that the premium channel ones are.

I didn't get any real information until my manager came in for the afternoon. I don't really like how it was handled. I feel bad about this since all the consultant stations are offline. I was told my someone who wants to speak to me face to face that they will go back online after they are "cleared of copyrighted material" but I know that mine doesn't have anything on it. I delete everything that I download and watch.

I hate crying. I burst into tears after talking to my manager. While in her office. So annoying. I cry when I'm frustrated/upset and it's not pretty crying either. I hate crying in front of people too. I've never really done anything illegal to this point and I don't like being on the wrong side of the law. Even if the DCMA is a stupid law.

It's nice to know the University keeps logs of whatever happens on a computer. I don't think they have logs of what you type, but probably where you go and what you download. It's a little freaky to know and I'm kind of glad that I only have like a week left.

It sucks being prepared to quit before you're fired. I was all set to by the time my manager showed up. I've never been fired from a job before. I've quit a few but that's it. Ugh, this whole situation sucks. Whee, more stress before I move and go home.

I think I need to have a good cry in the privacy of my own home.
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this meme fits right in

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Cigarette lighter
Your Favorite Target:Nymphomaniacs
Your Kill Count:613,764,131
Your Battle Cry:"My kidneys tingle with pleasure!"
Years You Spend in Jail:48
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$147,886,414,636,025
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 32%
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So I get to work this morning and the internet has been disabled for both macintoshes. One of the network people was there and said it was because someone wanted to talk to me about downloading movies and games. I have not downloaded movies or games at work. I will admit to downloading tv episodes at work, mostly anime but that's only once maybe twice a week. I'm more pissed that I got no e-mails about it and that they just arbitrarily shut off the internet. I'm not the only one downloading stuff at work and I'd like to know why I was singled out.

Also more pissed that no one knows who's supposed to talk to me or when they'll be in. If my manager was here, I'd so be talking to her, but unfortunately she's only coming in part time because of the baby.

It's bad enough that I move in a week and a half and have to start worrying about packing and cleaning but now this shit. And during my last week and a half?!!! What the fuck are they thinking. I'm just sitting here getting angrier and angrier. Fucking bastards.
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Went to the parents' again this past weekend. Got to see Bourne Supremacy on Friday. Good movie!!

Took my sister to pick out her birthday present. She had me buy the Ashlee Simpson cd. Ugh.

I also spent quite a bit of money this weekend. This past week I bought DNAngel #3, Immortal Rain #2,
Fruits Basket #4, Kill Me Kiss Me #3 and Hana-Kimi #3. I also bought a Foamy the squirrel t-shirt. I'm actually wearing it today. Plus I went grocery shopping. All the manga I bought is super good, but a few of them end on cliffhangers. I hate cliffhangers.

Filled this out and I'm amused by the answers.

High School LJ Yearbook
LJ Username  
School Colours 
Class Slut jalapenoguy
Hot Jock laughingtiger
Flamming Gay/Lesbian sunhawk16
Ugly Nerd prinsage
Caught Smoking In The Bathroom cerebralcandy
Teacher Everyone Wanted To Screw trixie_chick
This cool quiz by imsogrrj - Taken 170 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

That is all. Today I'm gonna venture outside and head to the library. Of course I pick the day that is cold and rainy. I didn't take a jacket with me to work. Hopefully walking keeps me warm enough.
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Buffy or Faith? Buffy.

Willow or Fred? Willow.

Cordy or Harmony? Cordy.

Xander or Andrew? Xander, although Andrew has a special place in my heart.

Spike or Angel? Spike- I like them snarky and with an accent

Giles or Wesley? I can't pick!!

Joyce or Jenny? Joyce.

Darla or Drusilla? Dru.

Lorne or Lindsey? Lorne.

Eve or Lilah? Lilah.

Chip or soul? Chip was the start but the soul was the clincher.

Pig or lamb? pig

Jonathan or Warren? Jonathan.

Most annoying character? Eve.

Worst character? Eve.


Buffy Episode? I can't pick just one. Plus, I suck with episode names. I really really like The Gift. Always makes me cry

Angel Episode? I really like the early seasons. I'm gonna go with the ep where we see Wesley Rogue Demon Hunter. yummy Wesley in leather

Buffy Season? I really liked season 7, cause it was so good and had many good speeches. Season 5 is right behind it

Angel Season? Season 2...while I like the later seasons, I love the innocence of this season. I could do without the Darla stuff though

Buffy Plot? The First in season 7. Real evil is hard to fight.

Buffy Death? Joyce...she was Buffy's mom and it was a death that no one could fight. It totally killed me. I love Buffy's mom

Angel Death? Doyle's death was hard but I think Wesley's death was even harder. They both deserved more happiness in their lives =(

Angel Plot? I seem to like the final seasons. I liked the plot of season 5 and how staying good in a corrupt organization isn't easy.

AtS Character? Of course Angel, but Wesley and Cordy are up there too.

BtVS Character? Xander and Spike. Comic goodness and snarky goodness.

Baddie? Angelus.

BtVS moment? This is hard. It's so full of good moments. Keep in mind, last season I saw was 7. I have to say when all the would-be Slayers get their power in the last episode. All those girls standing up for themselves. Makes me feel strong.

AtS moment? When Angel returns after firing everyone. It's the realization that maybe he does need these people and that he can't do it alone.

Sacrifice? Doyle. Buffy in The Gift is also up there.


What Buffy episode made you cry? The Body. Joyce was gone unexpectedly and I love everyone's responses to that fact.

What Angel episode made you cry? The ones where Doyle dies and the series finale. Character death always gets me.

Funniest episode from Buffy? I suck at episode titles. The ep in season 7 where Andrew films a bunch of stuff and narrates. I love the geeky moments.

Funniest episode from Angel? Smile Time. Angel as a puppet. Need I say more?


Buffy w/: I'm gonna go against the grain. I liked her with Riley. He was the most normal boyfriend she had...I liked her with Spike but their relationship wasn't healthy.

Angel w/: Wesley. The slasher in me calls out to this pairing

Xander w/: het would be Anya. Slash would be Spike or Andrew.

Andrew w/: Xander...considering he watched Anya and Xander make up and then memorized Anya's lines.

Spike w/: this is hard. After he became ready to enter into a healthy relationship, there was no one. I would have to say Xander or Wesley.

Cordy w/: Doyle.

Dawn w/: ewww..She's too young to be dating anyone!!

Giles w/: this is hard. I liked him with Jenny. I would have liked to see him with Joyce. I think they could have made it work.

Wes w/: Angel..I also have a soft spot for him with Gunn. I don't think he had any chemistry with Fred

Fred w/: Gunn. I really liked their relationship.

Lilah w/: I didn't really like her with Wes. Their relationship wasn't healthy although I think she felt for him by the end.

Lindsey w/: He so had a man crush on Angel. There's no denying it.

Faith w/: I'm looking at these for which would be the most healthy or likely. I really liked the dynamic she had with Principal Wood. I wished we could have seen where that went.

Harmony w/:I don't want to inflict that on anyong


If there was one thing you could change in the entire BtVS/AtS world - what would you change and why would you change it? No Doyle death. It would have been interesting to see how that would have changed things. I wanted to get Wesley and Doyle in the same room anyway. He probably would have taken less crap from Angel compared to everyone else.
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So I went to the parents for the 4th of July weekend. Dad was dorky enough to subscribe to digital cable just so he could order the final game of the Euro Cup. Does anyone out there have digital cable? The person at the office told us that you have to pay the monthly rate for each digital box you have. So if you got a plan at $60 a month and you wanted digital cable on two tvs, you'd have to pay $120. That makes no sense to me.

Saturday I went to A's and watched 50 First Dates and Monster. Both are good movies. I had no idea about what happens in Monster and was still hoping for a decent ending.

Sunday was Spider-Man 2 day!!! w00t. It was so good. I thought it had a touch too much angst. but still good. The CG is so much better than it was in the first movie. I just rewatched parts of the first and there is a huge difference in the web slinging and action shots.

Monday I saw Farenheit 9/11. I'm not gonna lie: it's pretty much propoganday. Different than the stuff we're force fed on tv and by the government, but still biased. It made me think and that's all I ask of those types of movies.

I got to spend time with my cat. Turns out she hurt herself on her side and the wound got infected. No one noticed it because it was hiding underneath her fur (she's a long hair) and she didn't act like she was in pain. She was taken to the vet and they had to shave the area and lance the wound. Poor kitty has a bald spot.

All in all I had a nice weekend. The parents of course could not get along for long, but there weren't any large blow-ups. Found out little sister got a job at the local Subway/TCBY combo store. She doesn't like it much all ready.

silly quiz

Jul. 2nd, 2004 11:38 am
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you suck, and that's sad
you are the "you suck, and that's sad"
happy bunny. you're truthful, but can be a bit

which happy bunny are you?
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I think it's quite truthful.

ETA: another little quiz thing. Gotta love my dead gay soap opera.

Your LJ Soap Opera
LJ Username  
Your spouse: arionrhod
They'll have an affair with: trixie_chick
You'll have a retaliatory affair with: trixie_chick
Your rival: thebratqueen
Who will try to kill you? garnus
Chance you'll survive till the end: - 12%
This cool quiz by sarcastro - Taken 2914 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

So I'm going to the parents for the weekend. It shall be interesting. My largest goal this weekend is to go see Spider-man 2 and retain my geek club membership card. It shall be relaxing.


Jun. 29th, 2004 05:37 pm
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I have so much e-mail storage space now. I was worried about running out of space after my uni e-mail went away, but Yahoo! increased their space to 100MB and I just scored an invite to gmail today!! Me thinks I'll divert some mailing lists to g-mail to see how it goes and how things are labeled. Yay for storage!! In case anyone is wondering, my gmail e-mail is slrcosmos at Just at to @ obviously. Apparently I score more invites when I get more mail, so drop me a line and I might generate invites to send your way. Whee!!
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This is a thread going on in the UM students community journal. People are basically arguing about stuff that is fairly controversial. Out of everyone who's responded, there's one guy who is absolutely against gay marriage. That's his reasoning above. There are no words for what he thinks. It's okay to think it, but don't try and push your uncorroborated views on the public. I wrote a little something to him but he did not respond to me. I guess I stumped him.
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My japanese name is 小川 Ogawa (small river) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

This makes no sense to me, but my work is closed on July 5th. Other places are also closed on this day. The excuse is July 4th. Umm..that's the day before. I guess we need to have a weekday off for a federal holiday, even if it falls on a Sunday. There goes 8 hours of work for me. Oh well. I guess I'm just gonna go the parents' place for the weekend and get my Spidey groove on.

silly meme

Jun. 20th, 2004 07:49 pm
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Sorry prinsage, but I guess the lack of interest in slash was that difference.

My Best Friend is [ profile] trixie_chick
Our 6 common interests are: angel, anime, buffy, cardcaptor sakura, movies, slash
Who is your best friend?
Created by [ profile] macoto
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So apparently it's going around work that I "yelled" at that girl yesterday. No way did I yell. I let her know it wasn't cool and that I was about to open the site.

The acting manager said it's okay, she works here and the site was about to open. Which is true, but still. I'm a little calmer and I can see that I overreacted a bit. The uncool thing she did was bring in a random user through our server closet. That everyone agrees on is not cool. everyone at work will know me as uptight-bitch. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed. Ah well..I guess I'm the only one who knows how to follow rules or at least pretend I'm following rules.

We'll see how next Friday goes when I have to work with that girl. I'm still perplexed as to why she came here, and so early. Our other site is 5 minutes away and they were open at 7:30am. It's not my fault if you get there early and have to wait. Furthermore, if you work there and obviously have no qualms about coming in when the front doors are unlocked, why even bother to wait. I came in this morning and the air conditioner guy was in here already.

I'm just confused about her whole frame of thinking. Ugh. Off to find food.