Jun. 29th, 2004

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This is a thread going on in the UM students community journal. People are basically arguing about stuff that is fairly controversial. Out of everyone who's responded, there's one guy who is absolutely against gay marriage. That's his reasoning above. There are no words for what he thinks. It's okay to think it, but don't try and push your uncorroborated views on the public. I wrote a little something to him but he did not respond to me. I guess I stumped him.


Jun. 29th, 2004 05:37 pm
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I have so much e-mail storage space now. I was worried about running out of space after my uni e-mail went away, but Yahoo! increased their space to 100MB and I just scored an invite to gmail today!! Me thinks I'll divert some mailing lists to g-mail to see how it goes and how things are labeled. Yay for storage!! In case anyone is wondering, my gmail e-mail is slrcosmos at gmail.com Just at to @ obviously. Apparently I score more invites when I get more mail, so drop me a line and I might generate invites to send your way. Whee!!