Aug. 11th, 2004

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Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
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Weapon of Choice:Cigarette lighter
Your Favorite Target:Nymphomaniacs
Your Kill Count:613,764,131
Your Battle Cry:"My kidneys tingle with pleasure!"
Years You Spend in Jail:48
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$147,886,414,636,025
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 32%
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So I get to work this morning and the internet has been disabled for both macintoshes. One of the network people was there and said it was because someone wanted to talk to me about downloading movies and games. I have not downloaded movies or games at work. I will admit to downloading tv episodes at work, mostly anime but that's only once maybe twice a week. I'm more pissed that I got no e-mails about it and that they just arbitrarily shut off the internet. I'm not the only one downloading stuff at work and I'd like to know why I was singled out.

Also more pissed that no one knows who's supposed to talk to me or when they'll be in. If my manager was here, I'd so be talking to her, but unfortunately she's only coming in part time because of the baby.

It's bad enough that I move in a week and a half and have to start worrying about packing and cleaning but now this shit. And during my last week and a half?!!! What the fuck are they thinking. I'm just sitting here getting angrier and angrier. Fucking bastards.
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So more news about what was in my previous post. Apparently MGM sent a letter to UM saying someone had downloaded "Dead Like Me" on station 502. That's the station I sit at and that was me. It was a cease and desist letter and apparently it caused a huge uproar. They looked through the logs of a bunch of computers and found that it wasn't only me.

Apparently the head, head guy wanted me and a coworker fired. Joy. He was also apparently pissed that people were watching movies at work, which so far has been cool during the summer. I don't even watch that much. Plus, I don't see how watching something that's 45 minutes long in an 8 hour shift is that bad.

It was stupid of me to do this at work, but I was just taking advantage of the faster speed. I didn't know that downloading tv shows that weren't out on DVD was illegal but now I know that the premium channel ones are.

I didn't get any real information until my manager came in for the afternoon. I don't really like how it was handled. I feel bad about this since all the consultant stations are offline. I was told my someone who wants to speak to me face to face that they will go back online after they are "cleared of copyrighted material" but I know that mine doesn't have anything on it. I delete everything that I download and watch.

I hate crying. I burst into tears after talking to my manager. While in her office. So annoying. I cry when I'm frustrated/upset and it's not pretty crying either. I hate crying in front of people too. I've never really done anything illegal to this point and I don't like being on the wrong side of the law. Even if the DCMA is a stupid law.

It's nice to know the University keeps logs of whatever happens on a computer. I don't think they have logs of what you type, but probably where you go and what you download. It's a little freaky to know and I'm kind of glad that I only have like a week left.

It sucks being prepared to quit before you're fired. I was all set to by the time my manager showed up. I've never been fired from a job before. I've quit a few but that's it. Ugh, this whole situation sucks. Whee, more stress before I move and go home.

I think I need to have a good cry in the privacy of my own home.