Jul. 13th, 2004

slrcosmos: (emoticon - life is good)


Buffy or Faith? Buffy.

Willow or Fred? Willow.

Cordy or Harmony? Cordy.

Xander or Andrew? Xander, although Andrew has a special place in my heart.

Spike or Angel? Spike- I like them snarky and with an accent

Giles or Wesley? I can't pick!!

Joyce or Jenny? Joyce.

Darla or Drusilla? Dru.

Lorne or Lindsey? Lorne.

Eve or Lilah? Lilah.

Chip or soul? Chip was the start but the soul was the clincher.

Pig or lamb? pig

Jonathan or Warren? Jonathan.

Most annoying character? Eve.

Worst character? Eve.


Buffy Episode? I can't pick just one. Plus, I suck with episode names. I really really like The Gift. Always makes me cry

Angel Episode? I really like the early seasons. I'm gonna go with the ep where we see Wesley Rogue Demon Hunter. yummy Wesley in leather

Buffy Season? I really liked season 7, cause it was so good and had many good speeches. Season 5 is right behind it

Angel Season? Season 2...while I like the later seasons, I love the innocence of this season. I could do without the Darla stuff though

Buffy Plot? The First in season 7. Real evil is hard to fight.

Buffy Death? Joyce...she was Buffy's mom and it was a death that no one could fight. It totally killed me. I love Buffy's mom

Angel Death? Doyle's death was hard but I think Wesley's death was even harder. They both deserved more happiness in their lives =(

Angel Plot? I seem to like the final seasons. I liked the plot of season 5 and how staying good in a corrupt organization isn't easy.

AtS Character? Of course Angel, but Wesley and Cordy are up there too.

BtVS Character? Xander and Spike. Comic goodness and snarky goodness.

Baddie? Angelus.

BtVS moment? This is hard. It's so full of good moments. Keep in mind, last season I saw was 7. I have to say when all the would-be Slayers get their power in the last episode. All those girls standing up for themselves. Makes me feel strong.

AtS moment? When Angel returns after firing everyone. It's the realization that maybe he does need these people and that he can't do it alone.

Sacrifice? Doyle. Buffy in The Gift is also up there.


What Buffy episode made you cry? The Body. Joyce was gone unexpectedly and I love everyone's responses to that fact.

What Angel episode made you cry? The ones where Doyle dies and the series finale. Character death always gets me.

Funniest episode from Buffy? I suck at episode titles. The ep in season 7 where Andrew films a bunch of stuff and narrates. I love the geeky moments.

Funniest episode from Angel? Smile Time. Angel as a puppet. Need I say more?


Buffy w/: I'm gonna go against the grain. I liked her with Riley. He was the most normal boyfriend she had...I liked her with Spike but their relationship wasn't healthy.

Angel w/: Wesley. The slasher in me calls out to this pairing

Xander w/: het would be Anya. Slash would be Spike or Andrew.

Andrew w/: Xander...considering he watched Anya and Xander make up and then memorized Anya's lines.

Spike w/: this is hard. After he became ready to enter into a healthy relationship, there was no one. I would have to say Xander or Wesley.

Cordy w/: Doyle.

Dawn w/: ewww..She's too young to be dating anyone!!

Giles w/: this is hard. I liked him with Jenny. I would have liked to see him with Joyce. I think they could have made it work.

Wes w/: Angel..I also have a soft spot for him with Gunn. I don't think he had any chemistry with Fred

Fred w/: Gunn. I really liked their relationship.

Lilah w/: I didn't really like her with Wes. Their relationship wasn't healthy although I think she felt for him by the end.

Lindsey w/: He so had a man crush on Angel. There's no denying it.

Faith w/: I'm looking at these for which would be the most healthy or likely. I really liked the dynamic she had with Principal Wood. I wished we could have seen where that went.

Harmony w/:I don't want to inflict that on anyong


If there was one thing you could change in the entire BtVS/AtS world - what would you change and why would you change it? No Doyle death. It would have been interesting to see how that would have changed things. I wanted to get Wesley and Doyle in the same room anyway. He probably would have taken less crap from Angel compared to everyone else.