Jun. 2nd, 2004

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So I missed the Fed ex person again today. I'm still trying to get my damn pants that I ordered on the 14th of May. Even though I asked them not to deliver on Saturday, they tried anyway and it doesn't look like they came on Friday at all. According to Fed Ex an attempt was made at 10:55pm. Fed Ex only delivers until 8pm.

The thing about today was that I was here when the fed ex person came. The buzzer is once again not working so I left a note to call my cell. Apparently the person didn't have a phone. Joy. He also wrote on the note that I would have to call to pick it up. I can't fucking pick it up!!

Oh and to apparently deliver to my work, Old Navy would have to authorize it. I love it when CSRs don't tell me important information like this from the get go.

I basically put in a request to have another delivery after 2:30pm on Friday at my apt, but we'll see how that goes. Supposedly I'll get a call tomorrow about it. This whole thing is beginning to piss me off. All the notes are appearing in Fed Ex's system but they aren't being carried out.

Oh and I still have yet to receive a call from the post office about the original package. It's going to be two weeks tomorrow since I first contacted them and I've spoken to three different people. I'm gonna call the number again tomorrow and see what's going on.

I'm determined to get answers. I feel like I almost have to bust heads to get stuff done. I'm probably gonna have to call Old Navy about the Fed Ex thing, otherwise the package will be sent back to them. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!
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