Apr. 2nd, 2004

slrcosmos: (ginji with fans)
So I went to Borders today and they had manga!! Lots of manga!! I read like 4 titles and bought 3. Of course the one weekend I actually buy 3 things, Borders isn't having the promotion where you can get a 4th free. There was a 4th manga I wanted to buy too. =( *cuddles manga* I love these titles too..I didn't read them there so I could savor it more.

My parents are supposed to be coming to visit tomorrow. I just found out that tomorrow is Hash Bash so unless my parents want to partake of the hash, there will be no wandering on campus. I want to see my parents but I want them to come up for selfish reasons too. I need paaants. I'm so rough on mine and they end up with holes. I must tear at them in my sleep or something. Maybe I can get some money out of dad so I can go buy that 4th manga. I'm obsessed.

My roomie has two friends over for the weekend. Considering she has a boyfriend, there shouldn't be any sex noises. ^_~ I'm hoping. I haven't been introduced but they came here kinda late last night and they left before I left. One of them sleeps on the couch in the living room though, so there goes my doing laundry at 3am on Sat. I'll have to try and do it tonight sometime or tomorrow. Worse comes to worse, I can do it on Sunday night. Ugh..but it doesn't take that long.

I finally got my state tax refund!! w00t It's all of $60 though. That's why I bought 3 manga instead of the 2. I feel like I should've really splurged and gotten the 4th too. Oh well. I'm off to read manga.