Jan. 26th, 2004

slrcosmos: (kodoma)
So I just restarted my Netflix account. That's brought down the money in my account to like $145 after rent and some bills. I get paid next Friday though and I have food. I'm not too worried. I just need to have self discipline and not eat out. I plan on packing sandwhiches to take to work for my overnight shifts.

Speaking of those, they've been going okay. Sunday/Monday shifts will always be killer since I work 10 hours coming off a weekend where I didn't work. My eyes were burning by the time I left and then I got home and felt fine. What's up with that? I guess the cold woke me up. I ended up going to bed at 11am but I slept like a log and didn't wake up until 5pm. Not that much sleep though but I'll deal tonight.
PrinSage is coming on Saturday!! w00t. Gonna see a movie and eat, like normal. Just so happy to be seeing her.

I joined 4 communities yesterday. One is the 50filmchallenge, which may now happen that I joined Netflix. I already have 30 titles in my queue. Some of those are from series though. I'm not sure anime titles count as movies, and that's what I watch the most of. I also joined the 50bookchallenge, which I'll definitely meet. I have plans to read. I also joined an anime and manga community. The anime manga was having a livejournal debate over the ethicalness of fansubs. I'm all for fansubs. That's how you get the newest anime. The US companies are behind in picking up titles for licensing and sometimes they pick anime I have no interest. There aren't that many titles coming out that I'm interested in.

I love downloading a whole series and work and watching it. I watched about 8 episodes of this anime last night. It's only 14 episodes long though. I plan on watching the rest tonight. It's a messed up anime. The main characters are 4 friends, two guys and two girls. A guy and a girl are dating and then she ends up being hit by a car and going into a coma. Fast forward to three years later and the guy is dating the girl's best friend. Then the coma girl wakes up, except she doens't understand that three years have passed. It's interesting, especially since I don't normally watch anime that could be made into a live action show easily, with little special effects.

Oh well. I've rambled for long enough. I have to go get dressed and find something to eat, even though I'm not hungry. Then I'll continue playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I will beat that game.