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I went to my friends' last night to get gifts. I got a gift card to a bookstore and shelves. I need space. I can't put them up until my dad comes back. Stackage ahoy. I also got my gift from [ profile] prinsage , which was anime!

So my parents and my sister are leaving early tonight for vacation so we exchanged gifts tonight. I got Stargate Season 7 and Buffy Season 7! Whee! I also got Spiderman 2. I gave my dad his gift card to and it was so cute. He ordered stuff later and he kept asking me for help. He's never shopped online. My mom got a huge lavendar basket from my dad and some clothes. My sis and I got her SCTV volume 1 and my sis got my dad the first Seinfeld box set.

The only thing that I didn't get was RotK: EE because my mom pre-ordered it from Amazon and it's taking it's sweet time to get here.

The bad news is that my mom took my cat to the vet today. The mass has gotten bigger and they think it's on her liver. They gave us low dosage morphine pills we're supposed to grind up in her food. The bad thing is that everytime she comes home from the vet, she feels worse than when she went. My mom asked for more anti-nausea medicine but they said no. So now I have to call them tomorrow to go get more. Because my cat threw up about 5 times tonight and the last time was green bile. Stupid vets.

That is all I have to share. I'm off to find food.