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Kathleen Hanna
You are Kathleen Hanna! Poster child of the riot
grrls, you've grown up a little in the last few
years. You've brought rape, feminism,
sexuality, and wymyn surviving hard shit into
the mainstream through art, music, and
spokenword. You're PUNKROCK! But, like, for

Which Western feminist icon are you?
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My life is going fine. I'm currently getting all my stuff together for my grad school applications. I'm still working at BK and actually going to become a crew trainer.

I saw Jarhead this past Wednesday. Not a movie for kids or people offended by cussing/violence. I am also currently ordering Stargate Atlantis season 1 from DeepDiscountDVD. SGA is my new pretty shiny.

And ooh! Serenity is coming out on DVD before Christmas. Just before Christmas, Dec 20 to be exact. I saw it twice in the theater and I loved my Big Damn Movie. I'm sad it didn't do better. Maybe it will do better when it's released on DVD. Maybe Joss should just release the next movie straight to DVD.
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