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So my dad decided to improvise Christmas vacation this year. This means he doesn't know the destination or days yet. I asked him about 2 weeks ago if he knew the dates yet and he said he didn't. So today he came home and demanded to know if I had December 20 - January 3 off of work. I said no, because no one told me I needed to. He yelled that he had. I told him that I asked him a few weeks ago about it and he said that he doesn't remember that and I must have asked in my dreams. I told him you need 4 weeks notice to get time off. He is not a happy man. It's not my fault. I asked and since he decided to improvise, I'm not going. I'd rather go to New York since that's ahead of time, but I'm not gonna push it.

I can't believe he's so pissed when it's his fault. Sure I can put in for those days now but I doubt I'll be able to get them all off. People had Christmas week written in the request calender when I was hired in early November. Ugh. I hate family fights.

Prinsage, I don't know if I'll be making it out there in January. I can't really afford it on my own and I don't think my dad would be willing to use his frequent flyer miles on it after this.