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So my cat threw up three times in 30 minutes today. My mom took her to the vet again. All we can do is treat the symptoms, make sure she stays hydrated and give anti-nausea pills. My mom told me in confidence that the vet predicted 2 weeks to a month left. This is too soon and too sudden. My cat was supposed to live forever. This is just a wonderful holiday season gift for my family. Fuck family vacation. I'm not going anywhere. I don't want to come home to a dead cat. The good thing is that she's acting normal and doesn't seem to be in pain. She's bascially dying from liver failure though and there's nothing you can do about it. I mean she is 14 but it still seems to soon. My sister is hardest hurt since the cat has basically been around her whole life, or at least since she was 5. My mom is gonna get one of those disposable cameras that come with a cd when you develop them so we can all have pictures of our cat.

To top off a really horrible day, I hit my own car on the way to class. It has a flat tire so I had to take my dad's and while backing up, I hit the mirror. Bunch of factors led to this:
-my state of mind
-my sister parked the car really far down the driveway and in a weird spot
-I didn't realize they were so close

It's the driver side mirror too. I didn't hurt my dad's car though. My dad was gonna take in tomorrow for the flat. I'm gonna try and offer him $50 for the mirror. I doubt he'll take it, but it was my fault. That's one to go in the notebook: my first car accident and it was against my own car.

I don't think the tears will ever stop coming..