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So my cat was acting funky all this past weekend so we took her to the vet today. Upon feeling her sides, the vet said she had found a mass in her abdomen. Being good pet parents, we paid for a X-ray. It took a while to come and me and my mom cried a little while waiting. It came back and the vet said the X-ray is unclear. My mom said she saw a mass but I didn't see anything. They did find out that my cat has fusing in the vertebrae of the spine. She is 13 which is fairly old for a cat. They gave her a steroid spot to help with that and we went ahead and had bloodwork done.

After dinner, the vet called us back with the results of the bloodwork. Liver enzymes are off the chart. This could be due to a tumor or feline lipidosis. Neither are good. Basically the next step is go in for an ultrasound. Me and my mom had a nice crying fit after that. The vet said to make sure our cat eats, which isn't so much of a problem. We've had her on a kitty diet but I went out tonight and got her soft food. She hasn't had any in about 2 years. She licked the plate clean. I want everyone to wish me luck. If it's possible, my mom wants to get surgery done to remove the mass if it is a tumor. That worries me 'cause she's old and going under is always a problem for older creatures. To those who haven't met my cat here she is doing her favorite thing: