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So I've officially been working at Burger King for a week now. It's interesting. Much faster paced than I expected. There's already an older woman I don't like. I didn't tuck in my shirt Wednesday 'cause no one else does and she made me. She told me that the peole who don't tuck in it have reasons for that. Only one person is pregnant. Sheesh. Then when I was putting stuff away, crouching on the floor, I guess you could see down my pants. She came by and told me I should pull up my pants. Hello! I'm crouching down on the floor. It's gonna happen. I'm inside the kitchen.

The job is already causing strife between me and my sister. We share a car and since I had no life before this, it hasn't been an issue. She's essentially monopolized it so far. Now she's pissed that I work during the week and she doesn't have it to drive to school. I drive her to school in the morning and she gets rides home. Yet she's still really pissed. Plus she's pissed cause I have it for class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't know what to tell her. She was bitching at me before to get a job and now that I have one, she's pissed because I have to work there. I don't know what to tell her.

So far there has been only a few problems with work. For almost all of the shifts I've worked so far, I've had to work later than scheduled. I worked last Monday for 7 hours instead of 5 and didn't get a break or eat anything during that shift. That hasn't happened since then. I found out that on Wednesdays they have a truck come in and I'm the one who gets to put everything away. I was there until noon last week doing this and I am terribly out of shape. I got to the pop liquid, which weighs 5 gallons and could only move a few. Whee. I can carry stuff but it's hard for me to lift it, especially in the freezer when my hands freeze.

Now of course my sister is really pissed off. I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it. I told my manager I actually prefer to work weekends but she's scheduling me during the week. I did put I was available then. This car thing is gonna come to a screaming blow out soon. I'm sympathetic to her but it's not like she's stranded at school. She's just had the car basically all to herself for the past few months and she doesn't like change. Plus it's a status symbol that she gets to drive to school. She's been late so many times that she's gonna get her parking pass taken away though.
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