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What the fuck is wrong with the United States? I know it's too early to call but it's not looking good for this country or the world.  I went out and voted today and I'm proud that my state will probably go to Kerry.

I'm getting so disenfranchised with the system. I've read many reports of people whose names were left off the roster or were challenged by Republicans waiting.

I've never liked the electoral college. I don't understand why the popular vote isn't good enough. The minority in the red and blue states essentially don't matter when it comes to choosing the President. That's how I feel. The electoral college made sense when communication between states wasn't instant. Today it's not difficult at all. Ugh

Don't even get me started on the gay marriage crap. Apparently my oh so lovely fellow state citizens here in MI thought the ban would be a good idea.

Canada oh Canada! My mom said that Greece has allowed civil unions (with full rights) between gay couples for a long time. That's surprising since that society is fairly rigid and uniform. In fact most of Europe is far ahead of us in that field. It'll be somewhat like slavery all over again: the US will the last the realize it's not such a good thing.

The only good thing to come out of today is the voter turnout. The final numbers aren't out yet but apparently it was fairly high. I didn't even get a sticker because they ran out at my polling place.

-slrcosmos *off to bed hoping this was a terrible, terrible nightmare*