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The good:
So I had my orientation today at Burger King. It actually wasn't that bad. I filled out paperwork and watched a bunch of DVDs in a back room. So far the manager and assistant manager seem cool.

I only work this Saturday from 4pm to 8pm. The manager said it was because she liked to see how people work before she gives them lots of hours. It makes sense.

The bad:
people in my area are fucking pyromaniac rednecks. Yesterday was so bad burning wise. It looked like there was fog in the middle of the day but it was just people burning leaves. It totally pissed my mom off. I'm just glad that I got out of the area.

Today the next door neighbor decided to burn leaves. He had two piles going and one so close to our shared property line. All the smoke was coming toward our house. The bad thing is that you're not supposed to burn during the week at all. My mom printed out an ordinance and she wants my sister to put it in their mailbox.

The weird:
So I could not find the hand set for the kitchen phone yesterday. I looked everywhere for it. I was going out to the get the mail today and as I walked past the garbage, I heard one of the bags ring. The hand set was in a garbage bag set out on the curb. I had no idea how it ended up out there.

Also, someone stole our Kerry Edwards sign. The metal is still in the yard, but the actual sign is gone. Fucking pyromaniac rednecks
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