Jun. 17th, 2004

slrcosmos: (stress issues)
Oh man. My day started out bad. I got to work at 8:23am and there was someone waiting outside the door. Well tough shit, I have to turn on the lights and make sure everything is working. Around 8:28 I hear the server closet door open and this bitch comes up the stairs. I'm like what the fuck?! Well apparently she is a "coworker" I tell her it's only 8:28 and I was about to open the doors. I also tell her it's not cool to come in that way. You're not working, you have no right to come in that way. She's like, I work here 22 hours during the school year. Doesn't make a difference. Then she goes on to say that she was standing outside the door for 10 minutes waiting. How is that my problem? The site doesn't open until 8:30am. You got there early and couldn't wait 10 more seconds. Geez. The sad thing is that I just realized I have to work with this bitch on Fridays for the rest of the semester, since she's taking her boyfriend's hours. Not looking forward to that. Also, I will speak to the acting manager about this later today. She also brought in someone else with her, someone she didn't know. Still fucking pissed about that.

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