Jun. 16th, 2004

slrcosmos: (embarassed)
I don't know if anyone remembers me posting about the girl who wants to move into my apartment early and was talking to me about it. Well her roommate e-mailed me Monday saying I had to call the rental agency and let them know when I was moving out and to schedule a walk through the week before. I'm thinking "why do I have to do all this shit for you to move in early?" I e-mailed her back saying I was moving out on the 22nd of August and that's that. So yesterday I called the rental agency and they said don't worry about, it's not your problem. They only do walkthroughs if the people are moving out in the middle of the summer and want to use their deposits to pay for part of rent. Apparently the girls called up the place and were asking for the name and contact info for whoever was living in my apt. Rightly so the agency refused to give it out. Somehow they got ahold of my roommate and she being the nicest person, gave them my e-mail address. WTF people?! I told the first girl that I was moving out when the lease ends, no earlier, and to talk to the rental place about moving in early.

In a self-mock, I locked myself on the loading dock yesterday at work. I had to take these boxes down to the garbage can after I got off work and I had no idea the door would lock behind me. There's no way to get down. They have a fence all around the edge and the garbage bin is in the only non-fenced part. I suppose I could have balanced on the edge of the garbage can and jumped down but I probably would have fallen in instead.

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