Jun. 13th, 2004


Jun. 13th, 2004 12:55 am
slrcosmos: (ginji with fans)
So I cooked an actual meal today!! All by myself and from scratch. Well I didn't make my own chicken broth or corn starch or pasta, but you get the idea. I had lots of left overs cause I got the recipe from my mom and she makes it for like 4 or more. I was a little iffy about thickening the sauce, but it came out well. Next time I make it, it will have less chicken and less pasta.

I just used this site called www.allofmp3.com Best download site ever. Their selection overlaps iTunes but you can't beat their prices. Best thing is that it's legal. It's run out of Russia so they have different copyright rules. I paid using Paypal and I spent $10 that goes into my account. That translates to 1 GB of download. You heard, me one GB. I downloaded something like 200 MB of songs tonight and that cost me under $2. They also have a large selection of formats and none of them are right protected.

There are a few kinks with their system. It's hard to download a whole album, since you have to download each sone individually. If you select a funky format, it might not be available immediately since they actually encode online. Their speed isn't as fast as iTunes, but it still didn't take that long. I highly recommend it. I used Paypal 'cause I didn't quite trust them enough to give them my credit card. If you use a credit card, the minimum is $5 while it's $10 if you use Paypal. Oh well. Lots of music for me to buy in the future.

Oo oo. Another awesome thing about them. You can preview whole songs and albums. It's at a low quality, 24 bitrate, but you can still hear the whole song before you buy it. So cool!!!