Jun. 1st, 2004

slrcosmos: (hatching domo)
So apparently the people who are living in my apartment want to move in early. For some reason, this is becoming my problem and I have no idea why. According to her, in order for them to move in early, I would have to move out a week early. Umm...no. Then they were asking how clean I keep the apartment and all that shit. Yes I'm gonna clean before I move out, but I'm not gonna sterilize shit. Once again, I don't know why this is my problem. They can talk to Post and see what needs to be done, but maybe they'll just have to realize that they won't be able to move in as early as they want. I'm just gonna do my thing and move out on August 22nd and leave the keys with Post. I won't be handing over keys to anyone else, no matter what they claim. I'm just gonna make sure my ass is covered. It's not like there's giant holes in the wall or anything but the tub has a weird thing going on. It has water trapped underneath the floor, so when you step on it, it sways kinda like on a water bed. I don't know if Post even knows about it or if they plan on fixing it for next year. Also the second bedroom doesn't have two desks in it. That's not my problem but post would need to come in and make sure all the furniture is there that's supposed to be there.

Ug...I keep telling the person to talk to Post. If Post says that in order for them to move in early, I need to move out early, then that's it. I'm not gonna move out early. The lease goes to August 22nd and I'm staying until then. It's just tough shit for those people. Their lease starts when it starts. If she e-mails me again, I'm just gonna be more unhelpful than I have been. I have no control over that shit so stop talking to me.

My coworker just told me to tell her to fuck-off and talk to realty. That I shouldn't even reply to her e-mails. I guess I was raised to be polite even to people who shouldn't be talking to me. I do have an annoyance level and that girl has reached it with this second e-mail. What the fuck does she want me to do?!