May. 27th, 2004

slrcosmos: (all sexy)
Which Nefarious Plot Will Lucius Malfoy Hire You to Assist? by rillacorn
favorite alcoholic beverage
Lucius will hire you tocrossbreed harpies and hippogriffs
inthe Forbidden Forest
he will pay you bymaking Draco your personal House Elf
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I thought it was funny.

oo oo, check out the icon I used in this post. I made it!! I'm so proud of myself ^__^ It's funny that I use such an expensive program like Photoshop, just to make icons.

I'm at work, I'm watching the newest Queer as Folk episode that took forever to download, and guess who decides to come in? One of the highest people who work for my department. I forgot that they were installing new projectors today. The suckiest thing is that I'm halfway/almost done with the ep and I have no way to transport it anywhere. =(