May. 22nd, 2004

slrcosmos: (hedwig)
So my weekend was bad and good at the same time. Prinsage IMed me last night and said that she wasn't going to come to Ann Arbor this weekend. I've been depressed this week with my pants possibly being stolen and feeling fat, that I over-reacted. I felt a little let down since she decided the night before, but whatever. Safety is all important.

So I called home today to talk to my mom and let her know how I was feeling. She calls back like 20 min later and says she and dad are coming to town so be ready around 5. Sure enough they show up and we went to dinner at this Greek restaurant and then we went off to see Shrek 2. Which is hilarious by the way. Puss in Boots is the best ensemble character ever. Many laughs were had. Parents actually sorta got-along, which was nice. So even though my original plans fell through, I still had a satisfying day. Not as much fun as I think I would have had so I'm still feeling like crying. Especially since I apologized for what I said to Prinsage but I kinda feel like I got the brush off. I have the worst luck with over-reacting at the same time and alienating my friends. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even try and socialize with people. *Sigh* Hopefully next weekend goes better. My mom expressed interest in going to see The Day After Tomorrow, so that might be included in my birthday celebration

P.S. It actually didn't rain here today, even though it looked it would. It was weird after what happened yesterday.

sorry to E

May. 22nd, 2004 10:12 pm
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So I forgot to update my lj with news about the cute guys I saw Troy with.

I saw Troy last Sunday. First thing: don't go see it!!! It sucks butt and is about 2 hours too long. The cute guys in the movie don't make up for the bad accents and scenery.

One of the guys I saw Troy with is one the nicest/cutest guys I've met. He used to work for Sites but he got a full time job on the Geeksquad for Best Buy. It comes with quite a few perks, including a free car, gas and cell phone. He also gets paid quite well. Before all you ladies start jumping him, I'm sad to say that he's taken. He recently proposed to his girlfriend, which I find is the cutest thing. I can hear all the sighs of disappointment from my apartment echoing across the land at this news.