May. 3rd, 2004

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So I reinstalled windows to my home computer and I didn't do it properly. Turns out I'm going to have to manually format my hard drive through DOS and then install windows. Hopefully this works cause this is the second and last time I can use the disk I bought. Ugh..also the application recovery cds on my comp don't work now. Don't ask me why. I think I'll wait until the weekend to reformat again. It takes a long time to install and get all the settings the way I want them. Plus, I have to go find all the program installation files since I deleted the other ones.

So A came up Saturday and went to see Nelly Furtado at the State theater. She was so cool and the concert was awesome. We had kickass seats. The openers sucked and some stupid usher lady tried to make us move. The usher lady apparently was confused and thought we were on the wrong side even though we were on the right side. Know the place you're ushering for!!

I went to my parents place after the show on Saturday. Did a little grocery shopping yesterday and spent time with the family and cat. Got a home cooked of meal of organic was goood. I love me some mashed potatoes and gravy. I also am getting a cell phone. We ordered it today basically and it will come to me through the mail.

Of course the down side is that my parents want me to come visit them more often now that I don't work nights. I'm not too fond of that idea. I don't really want to get there for Friday afternoon and then get dropped off before work on Monday morning. I'm already tired and I don't want to do this more often. I don't see why someone can't bring me back on Sunday but that's not convenient for them. Don't be surprised when I don't come home then.

I don't know if I'll be getting a car this summer. Apparently my dad promised my sister his car. So yeah, I don't know what's going on. I don't even have a parking permit for it since the girls who had it failed to return it like they were supposed to. Ugh..I'm gonna e-mail my roomie so she can contact them about it.
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So I came home and I have no phone. Even though the roomie agreed to cancel the phone at the end of the billing period, which is May 12. I even gave her a fucking check for the full price. I told her I needed the phone until then. I sent her an e-mail but unfortunately I can't call her. I need to call Comcast to get how much I really owe them.
I won't be getting my cell phone for a while either since it has to come through the mail. I am so fucking pissed. She is gonna get an earful from me. I can only hope she did it by accident, because that's the only thing that will save her.