Apr. 26th, 2004

slrcosmos: (hedwig)
Abortion?:Up to individual woman. Should be regulated like any other medical procedure so it's safe for the woman.
Death Penalty?:I'm not a big believer in eye for an eye. I think there are lots of things wrong with our penal system and this one of them.
Prostitution?:Should be legalized and workers should have the rights of a normal worker.
Alcohol?:Drinking age should really be 18. It doesn't fit. You can vote, join the military and smoke at 18, but sorry you have to wait another 3 years to drink.
Marijuana?:Don't know enough
Other drugs?:Don't know enough
Gay marriage?:This is a no brainer. Hell yes and I'm greatly depressed by some governmental action that's going on and conservative religious bigots will always piss me off too.
Illegal immigrants?:Don't know enough
Smoking?:I don't smoke and I hate when people smoke around me. It is a personal choice, but it does affect the health of others, so don't bitch when you have to do it outside.
Drunk driving?:Hell no..can greatly hurt others and yourself.
Cloning?:I think it has some potentially beneficial aspects to it, but there is a whole ethical side as well. The geek in me wants to see more.
Racism?:Not of the good. I think it will take a long while for it to leave our society.
Premarital sex?:I'm not religious. As long as you practice safe sex and aren't like 15, go for it.
Religion?:Shouldn't try and force it on others. I think it should be a very personal thing.
The war in Iraq?:It needs to end. We should have never gone there. People are dying and they're making them stay longer. Get the troops home.
Bush?:His mom should have had an abortion.
Downloading music?:Go for it. Esp if it's legal. The music industry has gone about the whole music thing a totally wrong manner. Let's raise prices and go after our potential customers.
The legal drinking age?:It should be 18. Once something isn't taboo anymore, it's not cool.
Porn?:Free speech all the way. There does need to be equal opportunity porn. Make stuff geared toward women too, dammit!!
Suicide?:A choice only one person can make. Which is sad. I love the irony of the fact that it's illegal to kill yourself, but how can they prosecute if you succeed?

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