Apr. 23rd, 2004

slrcosmos: (ginji with fans)
So it's for sure I have the apt to myself for the whole summer. Yes, the bills will be larger but I'm getting rid of the landline and getting a cellphone. I could actually do without a phone, but then contacting my parents would be difficult. I sat down with the dates of my paychecks and due dates of Comcast and rent and figured out which amount of money should come out of each paycheck. That used more math skills than I had.

So I called home and left a message. Parents just called me back. I think I'll be going home with A next Sat after the concert and getting the cellphone on Sunday and just chilling with the parents and the cat. Dad will drop me off before work on Monday (eww) but it's gonna be cool.

The big news: Dad offerred me one of their cars to use!!! It may be a while before I get it but all I would have to pay for is the gas. I was like, I could use a car, but I can't afford insurance. I just would have to worry about parking. I'm gonna ask my roomie if there is a parking permit for this apt. If I get a car, I'd only drive it to movies and the grocery store. However, it could mean I could go spend weekends with Prinsage and folle333!!! We'll see how it goes. I'm so excited.