Apr. 19th, 2004

Fun day!!

Apr. 19th, 2004 01:50 am
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So A came to visit me yesterday. She got here ungodly early, at least for me. I had loads of fun but it totally threw off my sleep schedule so I am fairly tired at work but I still have 7.5 hours to go. >_<

She got here at noon and we went to eat at Jimmy John's and then to Middle Earth. My goal of the day was to get a new bigger makeup bag and another pair of boxers to sleep in. It was supposed to rain tomorrow, but it never did so that was good. It was warmer than I like, but whatever. We hit Urban Outfitters *shudder*, Borders, Wizzywig, and Dawntreader. I didn't find anything to get but A got two Robert Jordan books from Dawntreader. She's getting into Wheel of Time. It's kinda frightening.

We then hit the mall. That's where I spent some money. I got Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which I want to playing now instead of sitting here at work. I did find a pair of boxers from Dr. Seuss and they were on sale. The have to be washed before I wear them though. Oh well. I also finally managed to find a makeup bag. It was on clearance from Gadzooks and it has a zodiac theme. The funny thing is, they had no Gemini themes left so I got a Virgo one instead. I think it's funny at least.

We had Panchero's for lunch and then we watched Raising Victor Vargas which was good. I didn't notice until halfway through the movie that it had no soundtrack music. Never let anyone tell you that I catch onto things quickly. I got to play some Majora's Mask after A left and before work. That's prolly why I want to play some more. I have quite a few N64 games but the only one I seem to want to play is Zelda. Now I have another Zelda game to play. w00t.

I saw folle333 at work tonight. It was good. Homework sucks and I'm glad I don't have any. ^_^ It's cold in the lab and I wore sandals to work and now I have cold toes. Poor toes. I'm so happy that Prinsage is coming this Saturday. It means more money will be spent, which I'm starting to worry about. I don't know my spring/summer schedule yet but I hope my manager follows through with her promise of hours. If it doesn't happen, I will not be a happy camper.

The end of term staff party is this Thursday. I actually will wake up earlier than I normally do and go get me some free pizza. Free food is always of the good. I dropped off the pair of pants I got that were too long at the dry cleaners so they could alter them. I figured it would take too much effort to get to Old Navy again and there's no gurantee that they will have a shorter size. It costs $12 to shorten them, but I think it's worth it. I also ordered another pair off the web. It's weird that I'm getting pants when summer is coming, but I'm gonna try and avoid shorts this summer. I hate how I look in shorts and I hate shaving my legs. I'm gonna try and stick with pants and capris. Besides, my work places shouldn't be the warmest places. Just walking around town will be an issue.

So I may or may not have a roommate for the summer. Apparently some saw the place on Friday and she may take it. I'll still talk to my parents about getting a cellphone and getting rid of the phone. I'm also worried about the digital cable. I want to cancel it at the right time so I'm not slammed with pro-rated fees for basic. I don't know when the billing periods end though. I think it may be early May. My roomie is gonna take the box back before she leaves though. That should be early enough. I also found out that if I have the apt to myself, I just have to turn in one rent check to the realty company. It's due on the 1st and that eases some of the time burdern from me. I was worried about paying rent in May and the first Comcast bill by myself. I think my roomie may be confused about billing and will actually pay the Comcast bill that should be coming this week. I didn't have to pay the first Comcast bill we got in January, so that should help...If you can't tell, I am worried about finances, especially since I don't know how much my paychecks will be for in a few weeks.

That's my really long update about stuff. It's boring, I know and I apologize. I'll try and make more frequent, smaller updates. This should satisfy folle333 for changing her friend's page. ^_^
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So spring/summer schedules are up for my work and my manager totally followed through. I work 38 hours a work, only at the SEB and it's during the day. I either work 8:30-4:30pm or 9:30-5:30pm. It's M-Friday and I work two less hours on Friday which is nice. I'll be working like a normal job and I'll have to wake up early in the morning. Waah!! Luckily I do get the weekends off and I'll have plenty of time for stuff. This schedule starts May 3 for me. That's a huge burden off my chest.

Of course, the dork that I am, I looked at when I'll be opening so I can get the mac. That's the only problem with the work area at the SEB. At most two people work at a time and there's one PC and one mac. The PC still has a CRT monitor, blargh while the mac is one of those lampshade macs. I'm just dorky because I wanted to see on which days I can download and watch anime. I can only do it on the macs because of how the programs run. I work with the same people all week pretty much.

I'm kinda sad I didn't get any hours at Angell, but that's life. I submitted for hours at Angell, and I guess it didn't work out. I will be taking a small pay loss, of like $20 each paycheck because I am losing an hour a week basically.

Just wanted to share that I am financially secure for the summer and I am now off to shower and go get me some chinese. Later