Apr. 13th, 2004


Apr. 13th, 2004 06:27 am
slrcosmos: (Default)
Someone just asked me why I'm always so grouchy. Apparently everytime she's asked me a question, I give short answers. Umm..maybe all they need are short answers. I admit I may have been a little grouchy now, but I just got asked a question that I've been asked all night and to which the answer is posted in many places. She then proceeded to ask when they would be fixed. They're not fixable so new ones have to be ordered. This is one she asked why I'm always so grouchy. Second off, I recognize the person who asked this question. This is the second time she's asked me a question. How does that translate into "You're always grouchy" Also, are you expecting sunshine and happiness at 6:30am? WTF?! This pissed me off and I have no way to respond. Apparently she finds my grouchiness intimidating. Like I've said, I recognize this person and I remember her only asking me one question before. I remember her, because I'm not that fond of her. She kinda stuck out in my mind the first time she asked me a question. Whatever. I'm not wearing my nametag tonight cause I forgot it. Not that I think she's gonna report me. It's still kinda annoying. I know I don't have the best customer service sometimes, especially after being here for 7 fucking hours straight, but still. I'm wondering if she was expecting "staplers are broken" to be said in a more eloquent way. It's not really necessary. Well, I'm grumpily off to finish my last hour of work. ^_~