Apr. 10th, 2004

slrcosmos: (Default)
So Thursday I went over to folle333's place and we ordered nummy Papa John's. I managed to spill garlic sauce and pizza sauce on my pants. So clumsy. Then she and I went to the arcade and I played this samurai sword game. It was fun, if expensive. Then we got ice cream.

Yesterday I went to the library and Borders like I do every Friday. I'm so stalkable. I found another three manga to buy at Borders. That means that with this paycheck I've bought 7 manga. Yesterday I got Demon Diary 1 & 2 and Juvenile Orion 2. I looked up when Juvenile Orion was supposed to come out and the release date was June. I have to wonder why my Borders got it 2 months early. And since I am extra dorky, I went to the new fantasy/sci-fi section, found a new book by Sharon Shinn and read it. All at once at Borders on a little standy thing. My ass was numb after I stood up. It was a good book.

I got home and I missed a call by my best friend from home. I also missed her on Thursday. Finally talked to her. She's coming up next weekend. Yay!!! Then her dad is gonna try and get tickets to a Nelly Furtado concert that's in town on May 1. Apparently it's at the Michigan Theater. I've never heard of a mainstream concert being held there, but it'd be really cool to go to. Hopefully it's not too expensive. I'm excited about upcoming weekends. Of course this weekend is boring and I have no netflix movies to watch. Hopefully some entertaining things are on tv.