Mar. 25th, 2004

slrcosmos: (Default)
Well I haven't updated in a while...I got my USB 2.0 cardbus today!! w00t. It was a nice wake up present. Of course it reflects the fact that I had to spend an extra $40 to get this enclosure working at a fast speed and even with the USB 2.0, it's not as fast as it would be with firewire. The company's only solution is to return it. I can't get the thing open to take the hard drive out and the USB works so I'm just gonna go with it.

Today is lazy day!! I have decided that since I have nowhere to go today, I'm not gonna get dressed. No sir. My bank balance is off by $2, which yes, I do find really annoying. It hasn't cleared yet, so I'll have to wait to see where it came from.

With all the money I've spent on the enclosure, I'm tempted to call home and try and get some money out of my dad. I guess I just don't feel as padded as I would like. I do get paid in a week and I have $130 left until then. It's just that rent is due and I wrote that check so I don't have any extra padding in case I get too close. I shouldn't though...I've told myself no more Pizza House it's too damn expensive.

On another note, I was picking up the site last night and noticed flyers for Students Against Cancer. I just think their name is funny. Cancer is not of the good, but is it something you can be against? Also with that kind of name, it's implied that there is a for group, which there isn't and if there was that would be insane troll logic. Maybe they were trying to go with a short name or a cute acronym but I have to believe that better names are out there. It's not like cancer is a person you can try and bring down or talk to. Just a random thought I had.