Mar. 8th, 2004

Stupid me

Mar. 8th, 2004 12:01 am
slrcosmos: (Default)
I had a fun weekend. Movie was good, food was okay and company was the best. ^_^ Starsky & Hutch had me cracking up the whole time. Mongolian BBQ changed the way they do things and I'm not sure I like the change. They also decided they're gonna put black pepper on the meat without asking...thanks. I absolutely hate black pepper but I still ate that bowl. I hate wasting food.

The reason I'm stupid is that I forgot to bring my Netflix envelopes with me. I even had two envelopes with DVDs in them. The problem is they don't fit in the outgoing mailbox in the apartment so I have to drop them off in a blue box on the street. I have to wonder if I put them in our mailbox if the mail person would take them. Any suggestions? I guess I'll just go home, grab envelopes and run them to the blue mailbox before I go to bed. I would just put them in the mail on Tuesday, but last week Netflix didn't get them until Friday and we're talking about 6 DVDs here. I need movies!!! The blue mailbox isn't that far from me. I could also go to the real post office since that's even closer. I think they have drop off boxes there. I'll go for that.


Mar. 8th, 2004 09:27 am
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I just read that RotK is going to be released on DVD on May 25th!!! Another birthday present. The extended edition won't be out until November, but since I buy both, that's fine with me.

that's the story link above. I also found out that world is going to end on my birthday, according to The Day After Tomorrow. It's a movie about freaky weather fucking up the Earth and it does come out on May 28th.

That story so made my day. I'm gonna go home and return some DVDs and then crash for about 8 hours.