Mar. 4th, 2004


Mar. 4th, 2004 12:22 am
slrcosmos: (Default)
It's sorta been a while that I updated with anything besides quizzes and the current political climate. Angel kicked butt tonight but I have to wonder what Joss Whedon is gonna do for the rest of the season/series.

Got my work out stuff last Thursday. Started working out Monday and did some more today. Upper thighs still sore from Monday's workout, but working out again helped.

I'm gonna have to open a can of whoop-ass on Comcast tomorrow. The overbilling problem still hasn't been fixed even though I called them for the first time last Tuesday. They keep saying someone is gonna call within 48 hours and the last time I was told this was Monday. So I'm gonna call some more of the numbers I have, even though one is long distance and then call customer service and file a complaint. Ugh..I really hate dealing with Comcast customer service.

Prinsage is coming to town this weekend!! Gonna go catch Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller in their new movie and laugh our asses off and then we are off to good eatin' at Mongolian BBQ.

Meanwhile, I plan to run around town all crazy-like on Friday. Gotta get the hair cut, go to the library and then I'm planning on spending quite a bit of time at Borders reading. Hopefully they got manga in this week, especially since there are 5 titles that came out yesterday that I would really, really like to read. If not, there's a book I plan on reading. Being cheap is fun...being a quick reader also helps. I could prolly read that whole book in 1.5 hours and I'm already a good 50-60 pages in. Wonder if I should count that toward my 50bookchallenge? Hmm..