Feb. 27th, 2004

slrcosmos: (can't touch love)
I went and ate at a sit down restaurant for the first time today. I had a two hour break between shifts so I went to Seva, the local vegeterian restaurant. Good food, but overpriced. I paid $18 for myself, including tip. It felt weird sitting there all by myself. Afterward I went to Borders and of course Robin Hobb had to come out with a new book, the third in her trilogy. So I bought it. Mercedes Lackey came out with a new book too so I read the first 3 chapters of that. I'm planning to go back to Borders next Friday, because they should have a bunch of new manga titles in and I'll just read the rest of this book then too...Way to spend money ^_^

Complaining does get you things. I had a defective enclosure and somehow the first e-mail the company sent me with the RMA number got lost. Weird..I e-mailed them again yesterday and got many, many responses. Actually it was the same one over and over again. Weird. They included a label for FedEx ground prepaid, even though they say they don't refund shipping. Whatever. My coworker tested the hard drive he sold me to make sure, and it works fine. Hopefully I get a replacement fairly quickly and that one works.

I'm seriously thinking about staying in town for the summer. Both of my managers have told me that I shouldn't decide to leave just because I'm worried about getting hours at work. Kinda nice to know they don't want me to leave..I'm currently subletting an apartment and I know they'll be looking for people for summer so I'm gonna ask my roommate what she thinks about me staying until August. My parents won't be pleased, but what are they going to say? They're not paying for anything... The only thing I'm worried about is that I have been told I'll get full time from the get go and it hasn't happened. My manager says that many people are leaving though and she wants people around she can trust since she'll be out on maternity leave. It's nice to feel appreciated..I think I'll decide next week after I talk to my roomie. I don't really want to have to deal with moving again. It would be the easiest if I can just stay where I am now.