Feb. 25th, 2004

slrcosmos: (Default)
So Bush just added another mark in the "I am an asshat" column. I can't believe he feels that a Constitutional amendment is necessary for marriage of all things. Then I saw another asshat on TV last night using the same old arguments against gay marriage. "Leads to polygamy, destruction of family...blah blah, marriage always been one man, one woman for 3000 years" Yeah fucking right. Obviously somone never took an anthropology class in college or else you would have learned that marriage has differing definitions and while yes it usually involves two sexes, that's usually. But those cultures aren't 'civilized' so we won't count them.

The guy on CNN used some crazy ass statistics too. Like ever since Scandinavia allowed gay people to marry, 60% of of families are being destroyed or some bullshit like that. Like it's really caused by gay people getting married. If conservatives are that concerned about family destruction, you think they would focus on het marriages and the divorce rates. Heaven forbid people want to get married because they love each other.

I am just astounded by the fact that Bush thinks a CONSTITUTIONAL amendment is necessary. The Constitution does not work well when it takes away things. Prohibition anyone? I think this amendment makes the Constitution more contradictory than it is now. This proposed amendment would conflict directly with 14th. Stupid asshat. The problem is that if it gets past Congress
38/50 states need to ratify it. 37 states currently have bans on gay marriage. It doesn't look all that well. On another note, who the hell decides to do this in February of an election year?!! Stupid asshat.

Marriage has always been a touchy subject but the government needs to use a non-religious definition of marriage which is not what they are currently using. Divorce wasn't allowed for a while and still isn't allowed in theocracies and interracial marriage was a taboo. Then Bush spouts stuff about how 'the majority of America wants this"...the law shouldn't follow what the majority of the country wants. The majority of the country didn't want the 'separate but equal" thing to go away either, but it did.

I'm suprised no one has taken a state to court yet. It's unfortunate that I live in a state that does not allow gay marriage and doesnt' recognize marriages performed elsewhere. If I was gay and wanted to marry somebody and was denied, I'd have sued a long ass time ago. Of course the courts don't treat sexual discrimination like they do racial. That law class paid off...

Also if people are worried that allowing gay marriage will open other "bad doors" here's the wording that I think would not let that happen;
"Marriage is defined as taking place between two consenting adult Homo sapiens who are not closely related"

How does that open the door for anything? It would only become outdated when we evolve enough to become a separate species and I gurantee by that time the US government will not be around anymore.

I think that 50 years from now we'll look back at these times and be appalled like we look back on the Jim Crow laws today. That's the only hope I carry.

If anyone knows how to contact the senators of Michigan and let them know that I have no intention of voting for them if they support this amendment, let me know.