Feb. 23rd, 2004

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I got no sleep last night since I decided to check on my bank account online. BIG mistake. It had about $340 in unlisted transactions. I know I did not spend that much since Friday. Of course the bank isn't open since it's 2am so I decide to try and get some sleep. Got no sleep. Didn't help that I was only laying down for 3 hours before work. So I wake up at 6am and check on it again. Now it's up to $380 in unlisted transactions. I didn't spend that much yesterday! WTF?!! I just take a shower and get dressed and then call my bank at 7am

The lady reads off the transaction amounts and right away I know what happened. I got sucked into this infommercial thing and ordered the FIRM workout system online. I then read the FAQ, which was a mistake and found out it that it takes 6 weeks to come!! I ordered this on the 13th of Feb and then I tried to call them on Monday but they were closed. So I call them first thing on Tuesday, spoke to a manager and found out that since I wasn't in the system yet I could only file a 'request for cancellation.' I called back on Friday, the 20th and spoke to someone. She said I was in the system and that she was gonna cancel my order. I asked her, 'am I gonna get charged for anything?' she replies 'no'. I thought that was taken care of. Apparently not. I guess she thought that by asking to cancel an order, it really means charge it.

The bank says the company can fax a letter over asking to remove this transaction and that would be quicker than getting a refund. Their offices open at 9, so I have to sit here and stew. I have no idea if they will even do this. I also don't know if they even shipped the thing to me. Aaaaargh!!! Never order from this company.

I also found out that Amazon.com charged me for my pre-order already, even though the item hasn't been shipped. Hopefully it ships today. That takes care of about $212 of the unlisted transactions, leaving about $168 left. I only spend like $160 but at this point I don't really care about $8.

To top this morning off, I get to work and the doors are locked. The doors aren't supposed to be locked. Yes I know it's spring break, but the computing lab opens at 7:30am and it's 7:27 now. The thing that really pisses me off is that there were people standing inside and I pounded on the door to have them open it. The guys actually saw me and just decided to move into the hallway out of my view. I was about to go through the custodial entrance, even though I'm not supposed to when a custodian let me in. I ask him why the doors are locked and he says that's not his department. Hello!! The custodians are supposed to be taking care of unlocking the doors. I think they're unlocked now.
One of the guys who saw me at the door was actually in the lab when I got here. I asked him point blank why he didn't let me in and he said it was because he thought I was a student. So?!! Does that mean you can't let someone into a building that is actually supposed to be open this week?! Then he tells me that the doors that are supposed to open are going to be closed all week. WTF?!! I don't open tomorrow so hopefully I don't have to deal with it.

I'll update this entry after I find out what the company is going to be about their error.
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I called them and spoke to someone who claimed he was a supervisor and he told me that they don't gurantee cancellations. WTF?! I called in the earliest I could since orders take forever to get in your system. Then he says he can't do the fax thing 'cause it isn't their policy. It's not against your policy, but you still can't do it. I ask to speak to whoever is above him and I get through to a woman. She looks me up and says the order is cancelled and then asks if I have a debit or credit card. I tell her debit and she said the company did a pre-approval type thing and that the charge should just drop. This answer makes sense because other companies have done this. I don't know how companies do this, but whatever.

I felt so good after hearing that. Still, the customer service people are like the left and right hands that don't know about each other. Why couldn't the first guy tell me this, especially when he claims to be a supervisor? And what kind of company says they don't have to honor cancellations.

In other news, Amazon.com still has not shipped my order even though they started to charge me. I e-mailed them and the guy said it should be shipped by Feb 25 and if I don't receive a confirmation by then to e-mail them back. That doesn't explain why they charged me 2 days before they actually shipped. The only other explanation is that they did the pre-approval thing too. So the amount hasn't actually posted to my account yet. It's still pending.

Also it looks like my external enclosure doesn't work. I know the hard drive I have works so it has to be the enclosure. Of coure the company has the stupidest return policy. I have to get a number to return an item and they don't refund shipping at all, which is fine because I just want another enclosure. I don't even know if they'll charge me shipping again to get a new enclosure to me. That would be really shitty....I also have to find some place that'll ship UPS/FedEx at a decent price. Wish me luck.