Feb. 4th, 2004

slrcosmos: (gir on pig)
This is weird. For some reason my left eye is blurry so it's weird reading. My dad sent me my tax stuff and it's pitiful how much I'm getting back compared to what I payed. I'm getting $378 from Federal but I paid $1066. State is the worst. I paid $465 and I'm getting $60 back. Still, not a small amount of money but I was hoping for more. My manga are in at Underworld!! Woo hoo!! I expected them to be at Borders first, but it pays to reserve them at two different places. Too bad I have no money and can't buy them until Friday.

Speaking of no money, my roomie's mom lost my rent check. So I do actually have an extra $400 in the bank. But, I have to call in tomorrow and cancel that check and then write another check. Luckily, and if she wasn't I'd be pissed, roomie's mom is gonna cover the cost of cancelling the check. Rather, I send her a check for $400 minus the cancel fee.

Here's a quiz I took. I was surprised by the answer but it does sorta fit doesn't it? ^_^

You're most like Cordelia!

Which 'Angel' Character Are You Most Like?
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