Jan. 21st, 2004

My mom...

Jan. 21st, 2004 06:00 pm
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So my mom called me today. I wanted her to call when I was depressed, but it still works. I have tried calling, but the line is always busy. Its busy either because someone's talking on the phone or someone's online. It's free during the day, but that doesn't really help because no one is home. ^_^ I've been telling my dad the virtues of cable internet but apparently he decided to go with AOL for two months because its free. That's my dad for you. Then he's saying that there is no high speed internet offerred in our area, which isn't true. The cable company offers high speed internet. Silly dad.

Dubbya decided to visit some community colleges today and the one my mom works at was one of those. She works at Owens Community College in Ohio and she was saying the secret service was there yesterday and asked people to leave their file cabinets open. Apparently they were confiscating hair spray bottles. Sometimes I laugh at the security measures. My mom said that she was on the cleared list to get into her office building. Nice to know the US government doesn't consider my mom to be a terrosist. *snerk* Its kinda weird too since she's married to a foreigner but I guess since my dad has been here so long and he's not from a blacklisted company, its okay.

Its shocking to find out that for the past few years, my parents have owed the government money. Not exactly small amounts either. Last year they owed $900. It's all because my dad gets a larger Christmas bonus. Sucks. Those tax breaks are really working for the middle class, Dubbya. Stupid head. I paid $2000 in taxes so hopefully I get part of that back. Actually I really only paid $1500 in returnable taxes. I won't see if until the end of February. My dad is still waiting on the morgage stuff and my mom's W2s. I've already got something in mind when that money comes in. Box set, here I come.

Working nights is weird. It's still weird to go to work on a Tuesday and come home from work on a Wed. This morning my eyes were getting dry, but that's the only issue I've had so far. I've been sleeping fine during the day. Put me in a bed and I can sleep. It's all good. I'm off to get dressed and make some dinner for myself. Smallville and Angel tonight!!! *squeal*
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So TV tonight was okay. Smallville was kinda sucky after last week's episode. I wonder if they made Tom Welling wear the Daredevil sunglasses because they didn't think he could act blind in a convincing manner. I have to say, I like glassses on men. Maybe it's because I wear glasses myself. ^_~ Some plot points in the eppie, but still felt kinda blah. I really don't want to waste time watching next week's. The writers have done the crazy Lana under someone else's control thing already this season. It wasn't good then, why do they think it'll be good a second time?

Angel left me feeling very confused. The fever dream sequences were cool and I think it gives insight into how Angel feels about all the people he works with. Spike helping the helpless was hilarious. His lines after he rescues people had me dying. I just don't get the whole Lindsay and Eve thing. Did Lindsay mean for Spike to save Angel and possibly get Eve in trouble. It seemed like Eve knew what was going on with Spike, but still. When Lindsay first called himself Doyle and said he got visions, I was like no way did he do that. Kinda pissed me off. I wanted to know what Angel and the group would say when Spike told them a "Doyle" was helping him save the helpless. On another note, I don't like how Andrew's hair looks in the preview for next week's ep. He kinda had a 19th century thing going on from what I could tell. Other than that, it is Andrew and it should be fun.

There are quite a few people here at work. Kinda scary. Everybody pretty much leaves about 3/4am, so it's all good. I'm stocked up on movies and hot pockets so the night shall be fine.