Jan. 9th, 2004

slrcosmos: (gir on pig)
I just want to say that Murphy's Law sucks ass!!! The heater in the apartment broke three times yesterday. Three times!!!! It broke in the morning and they came and fixed it. Then it was broken when I got home from work and the guy came at 8pm and fixed it. Then it broke sometime between 11pm and 2:30am. Not a fun 4 hours for me. Just got colder and colder. I called Forest Post cause the temp really isn't up there, but he said it will take a while and the guy will stop by before he gets off at 5pm. Yay!! He also said that no one in the building had heat last night. So our heater broke twice on its own. I don't know what it is, but other peoples' misery makes me feel less of mine. ^_^

I had a cinnamon roll at Borders today and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It tastes good but my stomach is rebelling. My stomach doesn't rebel that often, so if you have a sensitive stomach, don't eat.

I get to see Big Fish tomorrow. I shouldn't since I need to really conserve money. My mom said she was gonna talk to my dad about sending me some but I haven't heard anything. I try calling home and of course the line is busy. Like always. ^_^ I'll keep trying until I get through.

Stuffed noses and coughing suck. I have found a way to stay warm on the way to work. I wear my baggiest pants and squeeze on my tightest pair of pyjama pants. It works. Makeshift longjohns. It wouldn't work with tighter pants though. I hate the cold, I hate the heat, I need to live somewhere where it only goes from warm to cool.