Jan. 2nd, 2004


Jan. 2nd, 2004 04:35 pm
slrcosmos: (gir)
Well I'm back in Ann Arbor and settled in. Kinda peeved at the people I'm subletting from. They didn't leave me a desk chair but I did manage to find someone to bring me one. The lighting in the room also sucks so for now I borrowed one of the standing lamps from the living room. It was by the dining table that has a light right above it. I'll ask the other girl when she gets here if that's okay. The plugs in this apartment room are kinda messed up. Only one is three prong. Eh. Oh well

I haven't had anything to eat today and I'm running low on sleep. That's because our heat stopped working on New Year's Eve. That was a wonderful cold night and I only ended up getting 4 hours of sleep. Last night I just took a nap from 3-5am since my dad and I were leaving at 6am.

Man the chair the guy brought me is low for the desk so I'm typing up. I'll see what I can do about that. Maybe I will use one of the dining room chairs instead. I have to wonder if Pizza House delivery people can break a $50 cause that's all I have right now. I guess I'll find out cause I'm calling them right now.

But first here here are the quizzes )